February 15, 2016

We here at Menlo are continuing our selection process for the new Fall and Spring semesters of 2016-2017.  To those who have been selected but have not submitted your forms, time is the essence.  New applications are coming in everyday and your place in the process will be backloaded in the process

All necessary forms can be downloaded from this site: Application and Lease Guarantor Form (don’t have your application stalled because your parent or guardian did not notarized the form)

Menlo rent now includes Gas ,Water, Trash, Internet Access, Cable Television with one Premium Channel: Showtime

The rental costs are:
$2775 - 2 bedroom 2 bathroom
$3100 - 3 bedroom 3 bathroom

There is a new $40 fee for the Credit Check with the Rental Application

As you know tis the season and it is so important that this info get on there with the corrected apps


    Menlo Apartments
    2726-2816 Menlo Ave. #21, Los Angeles, CA 90007

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