January 17, 2018

We here at Menlo are beginning our selection process for the new Fall and Spring semesters of 2018-2019.   New applications are coming in every day, so please reserve your place in the application process by emailing your interest in renting a townhome to menlousc@gmail.com

All necessary forms can be downloaded from this site: Application and Lease Guarantor Form (don’t have your application stalled because your parent or guardian did not have a Notary's stamp on the form)

Your rent payment now includes Gas, Water, Trash, Internet Access, Cable Television with one Premium Channel: Showtime

The rental costs are:
$2950 - 2 bedroom 2 bathroom
$3300 - 3 bedroom 3 bathroom

There is a new $40 fee for the Credit Check with the Rental Application

There will also be a new $100 per month fee for Parking in the garage

It is very important that you fill out your rental application completely and sign it before turning  it into the manager at Menlo TownHouse Apartments.


    Menlo Apartments
    2726-2816 Menlo Ave. #21, Los Angeles, CA 90007